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The software is an online portal download used to set up your wireless sensor network. This is where you will enter in set points for alarms, view logged data trends, and much more. 





Starting at: $39.00






12 month subscription to iMonnit Premiere monitoring service for your wireless sensor network.

Upgrade your account to iMonnit Premiere and receive the following additional advanced features for a minimal annual cost:


- Unlimited user accounts for system configuration, monitoring and notifications.

- Sensor heartbeats (check-ins) down to 10 minutes.

- Timed sensors (i.e. temp) can be user set to check against alert thresholds up to 256 times between heartbeats.

- Triggered sensors (i.e. motion, door/window, etc.) record data as it happens, regardless of heartbeat.

Advanced sensor configuration options.

- SMS text and email notifications sent from the system when sensor thresholds are exceeded.

- Unlimited data storage.

Sensor Mapping Tool.

- iMonnit API commands for integrating into 3rd party applications.







Starting at: $79.00



iMonnit Express™ is an alternative to the online version that runs as a standalone PC application without the need for an Internet connection. This system is meant to provide a simple and effective way for customers to manage a smaller network of sensors. The basic version of the software supports up to 5 wireless gateways and 20 wireless sensors, and is capable of sending notifications via email when sensor thresholds have been met or exceeded. (Internet connection is required to send email notifications.)







 Starting at: $599.00






iMonnit Enterprise is available for large organizations with specific data/usage requirements. It provides the same feature set as the iMonnit Premiere online software but allows the organization to host and maintain their own sensor data. Includes a license for using up to 250 wireless sensors.


- Installed on your company's computer servers*

- Includes notification via SMS text and email (requires SMTP server)

- Export sensor data to CSV format

- A maintenance fee of 20% can be paid annually for new updates

Minimum System Requirements

- Windows Server ®, 2 GB RAM, 2.0GHz Processor, ASP.NET Framwork v4.5

- Web Server, IIS 7, ASP.Net MVC Framework v4.0

- SQL Server ® 2008 or Newer (Database Server)