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3G Cellular Signal Booster


Starting at: $189




Are you experiencing weak cellular signal when trying to connect your Cellular Gateway? The Monnit 3G Cellular Signal Booster provides a stronger, more reliable cellular data signal for successful data transfer, reducing data resends.





WiFi Sensor Programming Cable


   Starting at: $79



The Wi-Fi programming cable allows you to connect your WiFi sensors to your PC via USB connection for initial configuration and Wi-Fi security setup via the MoWi Sensor Setup Utility.





Water Rope Extension


Starting at: $49




10 foot water detection rope extension.

Detection rope can be expanded up to 100 feet by simply clicking additional 10 foot sections of detection rope together.





Serial MODBUS USB Programmer


 Starting at: $50




Serial MODBUS Gateway Configuration Utility with RS485 to USB Converter allows you to connect the serial gateway to a computer to configure gateway settings, add wireless sensors and test functionality. This product includes an RS485 to USB converting USB dongle and Monnit's Serial MODBUS configuration software.






Range Extenders


  Starting at: $109






Wireless range extenders allow you to extend the coverage area of your wireless sensor network by relaying the signals between your wireless sensors and the wireless gateway.





Wireless Control



  Starting at: $219






Wireless Control allows a user to control two separate power relays, all through the iMonnit online sensors portal. Automatically control motors or electrical devices when a condition is detected by a sensor or group of sensors. Relays can also be controlled manually through the online portal or mobile app.